Benefits of retractable awnings and what you can expect from our service! 😁

      Just 4U Custom Canvas, is a family-owned business that has helped many homeowners change their patios by installing high-quality retractable awnings. Besides the fresh new looks and providing shade, retractable awnings are hugely beneficial to homeowners as they protect from 98% of harmful UV rays from the sun and cool down the shaded area up to 20F. Also, a retractable awnings can reduce a home’s energy costs by up to 25% and in the winter, they help let the sun in by simply retracting them. 

Aside from lowering room temperature, the best part about retractable awning is they can expand your outdoor living space and give you the flexibility of both sun and shade for different types of occasion. In this space family members and pets will be able to enjoy the patio like never before and give you more reasons to have gatherings. 

As mentioned before awnings help homeowners reduce their room temperature by strategically installing them where you most need it. Thinking about the right location can be a daunting task, therefore during our on – site consultation we will asses where the awning can be safely mounted and what size would work best to solve your shading needs. We are a dealer of multiple retractable brands and can get you the right system for your particular budget. Whether you are looking for simple hand crank awning or a motorized modern awning we know what retractable will works best for you. 


         On all of our awnings we use 100% acrylic fabrics, brands such as Sunbrella and Tempotest Para are awning fabric industry leaders. We choose to only use these fabrics due to its long life time and 10 – year company warranty.  Just 4U Custom Canvas combines the highest standard of quality with an appealing design by offering its product in a wide range of colors and patterns. The awnings are water-repellent, mildew-resistant, and low maintenance. The canopy fabric can easily be washed by brushing off loose dirt and spraying a clean solution of water and soap. After letting the soap sink into the fabric, the awning can be rinsed until all soap is removed, and then air dried. 

With a proven track record of satisfied customers, Just 4U Custom Canvas is proud of its 5-star Google reviews.

Without exception, they provided excellent service and solid communication throughout the project,” wrote one of their customers.

“Great company to work with! We highly recommend this family-owned company.  The awnings are perfect for our house and they add such charm as well as block the sun. Alberto and the team are professional, hard-working and a delight to work with. And their product is excellent! Thank you,” wrote another.

Providing a top-quality finished product, friendly service, and transparency is at the core of this family-owned business, as can be read by many of its customers.

5 stars